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2017 Salary Increase Projections


A recent study completed by WorldatWork (WatW) is forecasting a median merit budget of 3.0% for 2017 with an average merit budget of 3.1% for all jobs across all industries. Actual 2016 increases reported by WatW are projected to be 3.0% which is slightly higher than the 2.7% forecasted by ERI (Economic Research Institute). Other related information:

  •   Salary budgets will be influenced by an organization’s financial health as well as its business segment/industry.
  •   Organizations are continuing to use variable pay as a method to reward employee performance.
  •   Some functions/fields and/or geographic locations may see higher than average increases depending on competitive pressures.

A recent study conducted by CareerBuilder/Emsi has shown that there are a number of fields where demand is exceeding supply. Fields with the greatest gaps between open positions and academic preparation reported in the study include Information Sciences, Nursing/ Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Sciences among others. The result is that “with so many job vacancies open, employees — particularly millennials — are not hesitating to switch jobs.” The study also reports that top candidates will not be on the market for a long period time; the time to hire will be shortened.

In other pay related news, Starbucks reports that it is raising wages by at least 5% for all employees and managers in company run stores; the amount of the increase is dependent on geographic location and market factors. JP Morgan Chase has announced it will increase minimum pay to a range of $12 to $16.50 an hour, also depending on market and location factors. Last month, Macy’s Inc. tentatively agreed to a deal with some of its workers after an employee union negotiated higher wages and more affordable health care.

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