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The people behind Pay and People

Linda Ulrich

President & Managing Director

Linda Ulrich is President & Managing Director of Pay and People Consulting, LLC, a woman-owned business. Linda has over 25 years of experience consulting in the areas of compensation, pay practices and general human resources, spanning both consulting firm and corporate environments. Linda has worked with a variety of client organizations to design and implement executive and employee compensation base salary programs, variable and incentive compensation plans as well as other pay practices such as retention and severance initiatives. She has extensive experience developing and conducting training and communication programs to support compensation and HR projects. Linda’s clients have included public and privately held businesses, both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, higher education institutions, and government/quasi government entities. Prior to Pay and People Consulting, Linda was a Principal with Buck Consultants, a Xerox company, and held leadership roles with MassMutual Financial Services, Exxon/Mobil, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, and TRW among others. Several of Linda’s recent engagements have included:

  • Developed a competitive base salary program and designed an incentive plan for $25M company linking pay to the business strategy in order to focus employees on improving results and profitability in a competitive business environment.
  • Overhauled a pay program for a small communications company in order to align pay better with competitive practice and to operate more profitably.
  • Worked with the Board of a tax-exempt organization to develop a variable pay program to link compensation with achievement of specific organizational initiatives designed to improve the long term financial outlook of the organization.
  • Led a Total Rewards Assessment of pay and benefits for a large regional financial institution which had acquired several wealth management organizations with different pay and benefits mixes.
  • Developed a manager training program for a prominent university focusing on FLSA compliance.
  • Led an organization-wide effort to train managers to update job profiles throughout the organization; conducted a competitive benchmark assessment and developed competitive salary structure to align with multiple competitive markets.
  • Conducted a compression analysis of pharmacy related positions for major retailer across multiple size stores and geographic locations for better retention.

Linda received her baccalaureate degree summa cum laude from Georgian Court University. She studied at the Sorbonne, the Universite de Tours, France and completed graduate work at New York University. Linda has written for Workspan on pay issues affecting organizations such as communicating incentive plans to achieve the greatest impact, managing a pay program with minimal merit budgets, strategizing to alleviate compression issues and regulatory issues related to tax-exempt organizations. Linda has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal and has spoken with industry and professional groups such as WorldatWork, American Bar Association and IOMA. She is the author of “Money Talks: Identifying, Preventing and Alleviating Systemic Salary Compression Issues”. She has served on the Board of the Springfield Habitat for Humanity and the Springfield Ronald McDonald House Teen Board.